Caught on cam: Theft At Delhi’s IGI Airport

A video was captured on CCTV cameras at Delhi’s IGI airport in which thieves were randomly opening the baggage of international passengers and looting from them. Watch the report for more details.
The Delhi Police has arrested two ground staff of Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport for stealing valuables from the baggage of passengers. The two men, who were employed by the Air India-SATS, which provides ground services at the airport, were nabbed with the help of CCTV footage.

The accused Amit Kumar and Rohit Kumar were deployed as loaders at the airport. The duo used to stole jewellery and other valuables while loading, unloading luggage from airplane’s cargo unit.
A passenger, travelling on an international flight from Dubai to New Delhi complained of theft after landing at the IGI.
The woman passenger said that her jewellery had gone missing from her bag which was checked-in.
After registering her complaint, the police launched an investigation. Cops were clueless after scanning the CCTV images of the airport.
They then examined the video footage recorded by the CCTV camera installed in the luggage belly of the aircraft.
The video showed the two accused checking the luggage of passengers while unloading it. Unaware that their act was being recorded in the CCTV, one of the accused is seen cutting a bag using a cutter and stealing the jewellery.
During interrogation, the two men told the cops that it was not for the first time that they had stolen stuff from passengers’ luggage.
The police is now on the lookout for the man who used to buy the stolen items from the two accused.
video: Ajj Tak

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