Canadian Sikh Ministers vs Political Parties of Punjab

Chandigarh : Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee president Capt Amarinder Singh today asked the Aam Aadmi Party and its leaders to stop acting as the spokespersons of Khalistan and its supporters.
“When the Canadian MPs and the ministers do not have any objection to what I said, what makes you to act as their spokespersons?” he asked the AAP leaders, while adding, “or is it because you have to show your loyalty towards them lest the flow of the funds stops for you?”
“I am surprised over the pain and hurt caused to you for my saying that some of the ministers in the Canadian government are Khalistan supporters, which they actually are as they have been openly supporting Khalistan”, Capt Amarinder said, while reacting to the statements of Kanwar Sandhu and Sukhpal Khaira made during a press conference today.
The PCC president reiterated that some of the Canadian MPs and ministers had openly supported Khalistan at some point of time or were still supporting it. He reminded Sandhu and Khaira, that some of them had even signed petitions denouncing India and had also indulged in anti-India protests and propaganda in Canada.
At the same time, he clarified, he had said, only some of the MPs and ministers of Indian origin and not all of them had Khalistani leanings.
“While whole of Punjabi Indian diaspora in Canada knows it too well, only our neo-converts to AAP back home, like Sandhu and Khaira, are trying to take a contrary view for the reasons best known to them”, he observed, while pointing out, “even those particular MPs and the ministers have not denied it themselves, either”.
Reiterating that his Canadian visit was scuttled by the anti-India forces represented by Gurpatwant Singh Pannu led Sikhs for Justice, and helped by the anti-India elements in the Canadian government, Capt Amarinder dared the AAP leaders to deny that he (Pannu) was not working at the behest of Pakistani backed ISI or that there were no MPs or ministers who did not have Khalistani leanings and were not supporting it.
The former Chief Minister warned the AAP against playing the sectarian and divisive sentiments by trying to defend people whose anti-India views are too well pronounced and too well known. “Please don’t stoke the sectarian fires for petty partisan gains as Punjab cannot afford another phase of dark era”, he cautioned the AAP, telling it, “those sitting in Canada have no stakes, but those living in Punjab know the dangerous repercussions too well”.
video: ZEE Punjab Haryana Himachal

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