Captain Amarinder’s comments on Canadian Sikh Ministers spark Controversy

CHANDIGARH: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has criticized Punjab Congress Chief Capt Amarinder Singh for his insulting remarks against Punjab based four Canadian cabinet ministers who he claimed deliberately scuttled his campaign in Canada on the direction of Sikh hardliners.
Addressing a joint press conference here AAP Spokesman Sukhpal Singh Khaira, Punjab Dialogue Head, Kanwar Sandhu, Legal Cell head Himmat Singh Shergill and Trade and Industry head Aman Arora, said Amarinder should either produce evidence or tender and unconditional apology from the Punjabi NRIs living in North America.
Sandhu said Amarinder in an interview to a national television news channel said that he was deliberately not allowed to campaign in Canada on the direction of Punjabi Canadian ministers who were backed by Sikh hardliners.
“Amarinder’s remarks against the Punjabi Canadian ministers were not only malicious but completely baseless only to save his own skin. The whole world knows how Amarinder was not welcomed by the people in California. Both Akalis and Congress leaders are facing the wrath of the Punjabi NRI community primarily due to their anti people policies in Punjab and how they all involved in corrupt practices”, said Sandhu.
Sandhu said Amarinder should either produce evidence that his visit was scultled by the Punjabi Canadian ministers or immediately tender an apology for his disparaging remarks.
Khaira while referring to the interview said that by admitting that he would have quit the party if he was not made the Punjab congress chief by replacing Partap Singh Bajwa, Capt Amarinder has in fact exposed his opportunistic character and his self centred mentality.
“It also shows that Amarinder is not loyal to any political party. His entire political career shows that Amarinder has been in the habit of quitting the political parties only for self centered goals. He left congress and joined Akali Dal to protest against the Sikh genocide but joined the party again completely forgetting about the Sikh massacre. Infact Amarinder even went on to defend congress leaders Jagdish Tytler and Kamal Nath whose role on the Sikh genocide was very much under scrutiny”, said Khaira.
Khaira also questioned SAD union minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal for criticizing congress for appointing Asha Kumar for being convicted in a land grab case in February.
“What moral and ethical right Harsimrat Badal has so speak against Asha Rani when two senior leaders of her own Akali party Bibi Jagir Kaur and cabinet minister Tota Singh have also been convicted by the court of law”, said Khaira.
Shergill said that by brining Asha kumari as the congress Punjab party affairs that Amarinder is defending to the core, the congress has once again showed that it has no moral and ethical values left to oppose the scale of corruption in the political parties.
“Asha Kumari is lying and misleading when she says her one year conviction in the forest land grab case by the court has been suspended. Her conviction is not suspended only her one year Jail sentence stands suspended as she has gone for an appeal in the higher court”, said Shergill.

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