Kejriwal India’s Trump, Badal losing his mind: Amarinder Singh

On The Townhall, Captain Amarinder Singh lashed out at his opponents in the upcoming Punjab Assembly elections. He called Arvind Kejriwal India’s Donald Trump “both of whom talk a lot of nonsense” and said that Parkash Singh Badal was “losing his mind”. Calling these elections his last, he advised the Congress to declare its chief ministerial candidate sooner rather than later. He revealed for the first time that he almost left the Congress and told the Gandhis so. “You know what Rahul told me? He said then both of us will lose. I said, ‘So be it’,” Capt Singh said. He also claimed that Akali ministers were involved in Punjab drug racket and accused the Central government of “protecting” them.

Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee president Capt Amarinder Singh today welcomed the appointment of Ms Asha Kumari as the AICC secretary in charge for Punjab. He said, he had agreed to her name with full responsibility when he was asked about it before her appointment.
At the same time Capt Amarinder lashed out at the opposition parties for criticising her appointment, saying they should better introspect and look within before pointing fingers at the Congress. “It is a classic case of kettle calling the pot black”, he remarked, while lambasting the Akalis, the BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party leaders for their double standards.
“You better mind your own business and set your own house in order before worrying about what we do and do not do in the Congress”, he told the opposition leaders who are criticising her appointment, particularly the AAP, seven of whose MLAs are in jail for serious criminal charges ranging from corruption to outraging the modesty of women.
“You have no moral scruples in defending your legislator accused of molesting a woman and slapping an elderly man and here you have the guts to pontificate us on morality”, he said, while lashing out at AAP for its double standards.
Referring to the case pending against Ms Kumari, the PCC president said, her conviction had been stayed by the High Court and the legal proceedings were going on, like that of BJP MP Navjot Singh Sidhu.
“While the courts are yet to pronounce the final judgement in the matter, here are our opposition leaders who are ready to pronounce her guilty”, he observed, while pointing out, the High Court was yet to pronounce its judgement in the matter.
The former Chief Minister asked the opposition, particularly the Akali Dal and the BJP that if they could nominate Navjot Singh Sidhu, whose conviction has been stayed by the Supreme Court, to the parliament, how could they object to Ms Kumari’s appointment.
Lashing out at the Akalis, he told the Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal that he had no moral right to speak on the matter, since one of his own ministers, Tota Singh has been convicted in corruption and the president of the women’s wing of his party Istri Akali Dal, Bibi Jagir Kaur stands convicted in a more heineous crime related to the tragic disappearance of her own daughter, whole of Punjab knows, under what circumstances.
video: NDTV

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