Caught on Camera : Drunk girl creates ruckus inside police station

A video of a girl, who was under the influence of alcohol, created ruckus in Worli Police Station after her car rammed onto a divider, has come to the fore.

The incident happened earlier this month, when a girl along with two other male friends was caught for overspeeding. The drunk girl was on the driving seat, when she rammed her car over a divider and onto a footpath.

The policemen who were patrolling in the area immediately rushed to the spot.

However, when they ask the girl to open the door she tried to spit on the cops. Not only this 21-year-old girl tried to bite an Assistant Police Inspector.

Thereafter, the cops took the three to police station, where a high-voltage drama unfolded.

The video clip shows the girl kicking, slapping and hurling abuses on the police personnel inside Worli Police Station.

She even threw a computer, smashed phones inside the police station.

The Police registered a case against the three and were given a day custody. All are out on bail.
video: ABP news

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