Woman Gang Raped By In Laws and tattooed with abuse For Dowry

In a shocking incident in Rajasthan, a woman was allegedly gang raped by her in laws and husband and then forcibly tattooed abuses on her body because her father had failed to give Rs 50,000 in dowry. The Jaipur police has lodged an FIR , but shockingly no arrest have been made so far.

First, they beat her so badly that she fainted. Then, as she lay unconscious, the young woman’s body was marked with seven crude tattoos in different parts, each an abuse.

She says a temporary tattoo on her hands that declared “My father is a thief” was scrubbed off by her with considerable effort.
According to a police case filed yesterday by her parents in Rajasthan, the culprits are allegedly the woman’s in-laws, who were upset that she was not accompanied by the Rs. 51,000 they had demanded as dowry at the wedding in 2014.

Her parents claim that eight month ago the 28-year-old’s in-laws gave her a drink laced with sedatives, took her from her village in Alwar to an unidentified location where they had her branded. “They wrote on her forehead…they wrote many other things on her body,” said her father.

He said he tried to “resolve” the case outside court but when his efforts failed he went to a court last month and then filed a police case yesterday.

“The woman says she was gang-raped…we have asked for a medical investigation,” said a senior police officer handling the case.
video: India tv

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