Triple murder linked to sex racket

Police arrests Riya’s lover Pushpendra. An insurance company manager, his wife and an unidentified girl were murdered. Three people found dead in a posh ‘kothi’. Family also denies to identify this nude dead body of a girl.

The Shastri Nagar triple murder case may lead the police to a major sex racket, sources said. Police said deceased Riya, whose body was found on the crime scene, may be part of a sex racket. Cops are now questioning people whose contact numbers were found on deceased Poonam Gupta’s phone list.

A senior police official said, “Riya’s presence in the house has complicated the case. We suspect that she was part of a sex racket. Though we are not certain, we cannot rule out the same. We’ve also found the phone numbers of suspicious persons on the contact list of Poonam Gupta’s phone. We are contacting them and questioning them one by one. We are even questioning the couple’s children.”

The murder case had sent shock waves across the city when the bodies of 50-year-old Chandrashekhar Gupta and his wife Poonam, 45, were found in their house on Saturday evening. Riya’s naked body was also found in the couple’s house though she was not related to them. The police said the suspect’s phone number was procured on a fake ID.
video: India tv

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