Woman With ‘Tiger Gang’ Tattoo Arrested With Drugs Worth Rs 2 Crore

A South African woman, Belinda Faurie was caught along with her Nigerian accomplice at IGI airport, the Delhi police also got a lead of the well known drug mafia the ‘Tiger Gang’.

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) faces a mammoth task in tracking the trail of this global cartel spread from India to Addis Ababa, South Africa and Botswana. However, they have an interesting lead in the form of a tiger tattoo found on the chest of the woman, Belinda Faurie, who was arrested from IGI airport on Monday.
Sources said the tattoo may be an identity mark of those moving Quaaludes, similar to that of well-known drug mafia. NCB sleuths have got in touch with South African agencies to ascertain if a particular cartel uses this tattoo to identify their members.

Apart from the woman’s confession, police are digging up her communications details, including emails and phone calls. At present, the cops are going through her travel details. She has travelled to India eight times in as many months, confirmed NCB Delhi zone director Rohit Sharma.
NCB has found that Faurie tried to maintain a distinctive travel pattern. She travelled to India from Pretoria via Addis Ababa and Botswana. Apart from Delhi, she has also landed at Hyderabad. She flew out of India at least thrice from Delhi, twice from Mumbai and at least three times from Bengaluru. Police are trying to ascertain who helped her in these places.
video: Aaj Tak

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