Captain’s comment on Vijay Sampla

CHANDIGARH: Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee president Capt Amarinder Singh today asked the Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal to pursue the SYL matter in the Supreme Court of India instead of getting the resolutions passed in various panchayats across the state, which will serve hardly any purpose.
“This is a lame attempt at cover up by Mr Badal for weakening Punjab’s case in the Supreme Court”, he said in a statement while reacting to passing of the resolutions in panchayats, asking, “who in his right senses can imagine that panchayat resolutions can influence a Supreme Court decision as Mr Badal is trying to make everybody believe?”
Capt Amarinder suggested that the state must insist on setting up a fresh tribunal that will look into the actual availability of water right now, before a final decision is taken.
Giving details, he said, the actual water flow in the erstwhile Punjab rivers between 1921 to 1945 was 15.8 MAF (million acre feet). He said, since then the glaciers have melted down and the water flow has substantially come down to 13 MAF right now. He maintained that the Eradi Commission, on whose recommendations Haryana has built up its case, had claimed the flow to be 18 MAF, which is wrong as the figures were taken when there were floods in Punjab and water level was high.
“Mr Badal with his characteristic pusillanimous indecisiveness has weakened our case, which, otherwise, was legally very strong after the passage of the Punjab Termination of Agreements Act in 2004”, Capt Amarinder said, while remarking, “thanks to Mr Badal, Punjab is now at the risk of losing everything that it had gained in 2004 with the passage of the Act (Termination of Agreements)”.
The former Chief Minister maintained that Mr Badal was deliberately trying to politicize the issue so that he could prepare ground for wriggling out of the situation and hide his failures. “I am sure he is planning to enact some political drama ahead of the elections”, he said, adding, “it was so unfortunate that even at this crucial stage Mr Badal was still concerned more about himself than saving Punjab’s waters”.
He asked Mr Badal that in case he is really serious about saving Punjab’s waters, he must use and utilse all the available legal and constitutional means. Otherwise, he warned, Punjab runs the risk of losing the case in the SC which will turn most of Malwa region dry and baron.
Questioning Mr Badal’s sincerity on the matter, he pointed out how even after getting a unanimous resolution passed in the Vidhan Sabha, he (Mr Badal) mysteriously wasted four days before sending the bill for Governor’s assent, thus providing crucial time to the central and Haryana governments to take advantage in the Supreme Court against Punjab.
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