Punjab Da haal : Nashe de ASAR wich QATAL

Fazilka: The Punjab police nabbed a man named as Vikram in muder case. Vikram is reportedly murdered a truck driver in Gujarat and tried to sell truck in Jalalabad . The police, however, got wind of his crime and arrested him in the market before he could make the sale. According to Police, Vikram committed the crime to fulfil his need for drugs and alcohol.

Vikram, who belongs Gurdaspur district is a truck driver by profession. Few days back he went to Gujarat with his truck and met another truck-trailer driver named Gandhi Ram. The two became friends. They consumed intoxicating tablets and alcohol in the evening after which they went to their respective trucks to sleep. Later Vikram went to Gandhi Ram’s truck where he strangulated the latter to death, police officials said.

The extent of drug addiction in Punjab is alarming. Near border areas the rate of heroin abuse among 15 to 25 year olds is as high as 75% – the percentage is 73% in other rural areas throughout the region. A Department of Social Security Development of Women and Children suggested that as many as 67% of rural households in Punjab will have at least one drug addict in the family. There is at least one death due to drug overdose each week in the region.

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