Dalit Girl forced to drink toilet cleaner, condition serious

Malappuram: A Dalit nursing student from the district, who is studying at a Banglore nursing college, has been admitted to Kozhikode Medical College Hospital (KMCH) with serious health problems, after she was ragged by senior students.

19-year-old Aswathi, the first semester nursing student of Al Qamar College of Nursing at Gulbarga near Banglore, who is native of Pulluvanpadiyil near Edappal, has been admitted to Intensive care unit (ICU) of medical college with severe stomach problems.

Aswathi was allegedly ragged by senior girl students at women’s hostel of the college on May 9 and she was forced to drink toilet cleaner by the eight-member gang of seniors, who are also students from Kerala. Following the incident, she had been admitted to a private hospital in Gulbarga, with serious stomach issues. After five days, the health condition of the girl worsened and the girl was sent to home by college authorities along with another Malayali student. She was taken to Thrissur Medical College Hospital by her relatives and after two day long treatment there she was shifted to Kozhikode Medical College Hospital on June 2.According to her relatives, the doctors had suggested a major surgery as the chemicals of toilet cleaner consumed by the girl have severely damaged a major portion of her gullet. Earlier the KMCH authorities had suggested to shift girl to a private hospital in Kozhikode, citing lack of facility to carry out surgery there and the girl had been shifted to the private hospital. But she was brought back to KMCH after the doctors of private hospital suggested six-month long treatment prior to the surgery.
video: India tv

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