Police arrests girl, ties her with rope

Failing to catch the father under dowry case Jharkhand police arrests daughter, ties her with rope
Inhuman face of Jharkhand police came forward on Tuesday when they arrested a girl and tied her up with ropes like an animal.
Reportedly, the girl was involved in a dowry case and Jharkhand police came to Alwar in Rajasthan to arrest her. Her sister-in-law had file a case of dowry against her.

Aparna, also known as Paru, is a resident of Bank colony and was taken to Alwar General Hospital for her medical checkup after being arrested.
The police tied her with ropes after Aparna tried to escape from the hospital. But the shocking thing was that a male police constable tied her with ropes instead of a lady constable. The male police constable handed the rope to the women police after tying the girl.
The whole incident took place outside Alwar railway station. The girl was then taken to the nearby railway police station, while they waited for the train. This sort of behaviour of police is a violation of human rights.
video: India tv

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