Horse carrying groom fall into well

Gonda (Uttar Pradesh) In an unfortunate incident, a horse carrying groom fell into the well during in Uttar Pradesh’s Gonda. The incident took place when someone burst crackers during a marriage ritual, frightening the horse and it fell into the well along with the groom. Later, the groom and the horse were rescued with the help of JCB Machine. The whole scene was caught on a mobile phone camera.

Fortunately, they were both rescued without any injuries. Reports suggest that people were lowered into the well to fasten a rope around the horse. A video clip shot on a mobile phone shows the horse, still decked in wedding finery, being brought up from the well with the help of a loading machine. The wedding party breathed a sigh of relief after the groom was rescued, soon after, absolutely safe and sound.
Video ANI

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