1984 Sikh Genocide : HS Phoolka on Kejriwal Govt. Ad

Justifying the Delhi Government’s advertisement wherein Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to get the SIT probing the Sikh Genocide in Delhi in 1984, ‘to do something or to wind it up’, Senior lawyer H.S. Phoolka on Monday said that pressure must be put on the Centre, so that justice is given to the victims of the deadly massacre.

Speaking to ANI, Phoolka said, “The advertisement which Mr. Kejriwal has given, the purpose of it is that in a democracy, you mobilize the public opinion and it is the public pressure which is built up if the government is not acting.”

Over 30 years after the anti-Sikh riots shook Delhi and neighboring states, the SIT, formed by the Centre last year, has decided to reopen 75 cases.

Commenting on the decision, the senior lawyer said this should have been done one-and-a-half year ago when the SIT was formed.
Phoolka said that it was not very clear what the Centre was proposing to do with regard to the probe.

“Which case they are planning to reopen? And now also they say that they will give advertisement, they will invite the victims. I don’t see the reason behind giving advertisements and inviting the victims. They have the addresses of the victims. They can go and get the records from the victims,” he said.
video: India tv

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