I was asked to go out with Financer and Director – Actress Aman Sandhu

New Delhi: Another casting couch incident has shocked Bollywood industry. Model-actress Aman Sandhu who is trying to make her way to B-town has accused a man named Deepak Mishra of casting couch who offered her a role in movie.

Aman said that Deepak offered her a role in the film but was shocked when he asked her to compromise with the producers and the director.

The actress slapped Deepak publicly and made him confess his crime. Aman made a video of Deepak’s confession and posted it on facebook. She appealed the struggling actors and actresses not to become a victim of casting couch.

While talking exclusively to ABP News, Aman said, “I don’t know who is Deepak Mishra. One day I got a call from him and said he want to sign me as a lead actress in a movie. Then I asked him who gave you my number? And who told you to cast me? ”

“He then said I have heard you have been in market for quite long, I have seen your work,” the actress added.

Aman also said that Deepak named few of her contacts whom she had worked many times. This made her realise that person is genuine and she went to meet him.

On being asked what Deepak told her in meeting Aman said, “We are signing you as a lead but there is a condition. You will have to go out with director and financer.”
video – ABP News

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