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Fake Encounter of Sikh youths by Punjab Police

Compelling new evidence has been collated of 8257 cases of enforced disappearances and fake encounters following a 7-year investigation by the Punjab Documentation and Advocacy Project [PDAP]. The killings which took place across Punjab from the 1980s to 1995 are released in the PDAP’s report “Identifying the Unidentified.” The investigation reveals thousands of previously unknown, unclaimed, unidentified mass cremations from records recently obtained.
The report presents detailed and verifiable evidence of these systematic killings by the Punjab police and security services, during the period of militancy and counter-insurgency in all of its 22 districts.
The release of our investigative report is a major step for victims. Its findings will be submitted to the Supreme Court of India to investigate and deliver justice to all victims of disappearances and killings across Punjab beginning with these 8257 cases

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