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Lesbian Cousins Got Married In Varanasi

Ever since the unfair Section 377 which in essence criminalised homosexuality was abolished, the LGBTQ+ community in India has been on a rapid rise. With the pride month having just ended and a variety of Indian brands participating, showing their support with the community and the LGBTQ+ group also enjoying …

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Police Officer`s daughter attacks man with rod

A 25-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly attacking a man with an iron rod near Tribune Chowk in a case of road rage on Tuesday—an incident that began circulating on social media within hours. The woman in question has been identified as Sheetal Sharma, a resident of Mohali. Police sources …

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Honour Killing – Boy and Girl murdered in Majitha

मजीठा में बेटी के प्रेम प्रसंग से खफा एक पिता ने अपने साथियों के साथ प्रेमी के घर पहुंचा और उसकी हत्या कर दी। प्रेमी की हत्या के बाद वह सीधे अपने घर पहुंचा और बेटी अनु की भी हत्या कर दी। मौके पर पुलिस बल पहुंच गया है..बताया जा …

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