Video of Bhagwant Mann in inebriated condition goes viral

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Bhagwant Mann, who had pledged to quit alcohol to serve the people of Punjab, was accused by BJYM state president Gaurav Goel of fooling the people who support him.Taking to his Twitter handle Goel posted a video clip in which Mann was seen in inebriated condition posing for photographs with his supporters. Later, he stumbled while walking towards his car after which his security personnel helped him to get inside the vehicle. The timing of the video clip could not be ascertained.

A few days ago, Mann’s letter to voters ahead of the Lok Sabha elections in Punjab sparked row in which he said that being an established artist earning lakhs for performing at shows he left his lucrative profession with the sole objective of serving the people of Punjab. He also added that he quit drinking in January after his mother insistence so that he can be available for the public 24/7.

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