Punjab: Youth dies of suspected drug overdose

Nirbhay Singh (22) from Libra village allegedly died under mysterious circumstances in his home amid his family’s suspicion that he might have been hooked to drugs.Nirbhay’s mother said he had asked her for money to fill petrol in his scooter, and after she gave him money, he went with a person on Thursday evening. She added that her son returned home around 8.30pm, and after drinking water, he went away again. She said around 10.30pm, he came back home, after which she asked him whether he would have dinner, to which he replied in the negative.
Later, she got busy with domestic work, and after a while, when she went to ask him again for meals, she found him dead. She said her son’s lips had turned bluish, and it appeared he may have consumed a drug or some poison. She added that for the past about a month, they suspected he may have been consuming drugs

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