Desecration of Gurbani

A video has gone viral social media in which Some people can be seen dancing on Gurbani Shabds. According to Information the video is from the Patiala Heritage Mela. Such things are violation of Sikh Rehat Mareyada.
Sikhs were given the name ‘Singh’ by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the Tenth Guru. ‘Singh’ means lion. Where all other animals can be made to accept slavery and made to dance in circus’ or zoos, a Singh/lion will never accept slavery and can never be made to dance. If one calls themselves a Singh of the Guru then how can he or she perform dances?
Dancing is a mode of entertainment in western countries. Sikhi applies the general test mentioned in Gurbani to any entertainment, namely:

“Avoid that which causes pain or harm to the body or produces evil thoughts in the mind.”
(Ang 16)

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