Indian media and the Ambani brothers

In India, it is difficult to escape the Ambanis and their brand name, Reliance. Whether you’re shopping at a Reliance supermarket, fueling up at a Reliance petrol station, buying a Reliance mobile phone plan, watching a news channel owned by Mukesh Ambani, or reading up on news about his younger brother Anil, the Ambanis are everywhere.The way each brother deals with the media is emblematic of the trends sweeping across the Indian media industry.”India is passing through its gilded age…[In] 2017, we saw that almost 57 percent of GDP was generated by one percentage of the Indian population,” explains investigative journalist Josy Joseph, author of A Feast of Vultures.”A concentration of wealth in the hands of few Indians is unprecedented. And at the commanding heights of that skewed Indian development sits the Ambani brothers. Between them, they are the most powerful businessmen in this country.”
Via Al Jazeera English

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