The Biggest Bollywood Stars Who You Didn’t Know Can’t Vote In India

They have the perfect Hindi dialect, the raunchiest thumkas and everything that makes them just right for Bollywood. But did you know that technically some of our favorite Bollywood celebrities are actually not Indian nationals? Some of them belong to other countries while many hold dual nationalities. You will be surprised to know how so many of them have actually mastered Indian cinema and yet they are NOT Indian nationals.While Veronica was brought up in Bangalore, she was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and holds a Danish passport. Punjab Da Munda basically holds a Canadian passport and has actually given up his Indian citizenship for that. And that is why we never see a picture of him casting a vote!Alia Bhatt holds a British passport because of her mom, Soni Razdan is who is of British origin.Jacqueline Fernandez Though she holds a Sri Lankan passport, the ‘Roy’ actress actually has half Bahrein and half Malaysian roots. She is also Miss Sri Lanka 2006!

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