600 Indian Students Detained In The US Over Immigration Fraud

Around 600 Indian students have been detained in the US for alleged immigration rules violations. According to the American Telugu Association, the students were detained after raids by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.
It pointed out in a Facebook post that the Department of Homeland Security, US Immigration and Customs arrested scores of Telugu students nationwide in crackdown on foreign students who were staying in the country without proper authorization. The Department of Homeland Security said it set up a fake university in Farmington Hills, MI to target foreign students who were staying in the US without proper authorization, according to federal indictments unsealed in Detroit Wednesday. The American Telugu Association said from 2015, the university was part of a federal law enforcement undercover operation designed to identify recruiters and entities engaged in immigration fraud. Eight student recruiters were charged with participating in a conspiracy to help at least 600 foreign citizens stay in the US illegally, according to the indictments.

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