Don’t meddle in gurdwara affairs, SAD warns BJP

The Shiromani Akali Dal on Wednesday threatened the ruling BJP of a potential breakdown of alliance if it didn’t stop interfering in the management of gurdwaras.Akali Dal spokesperson and party lawmaker from Delhi Manjinder Singh Sirsa issued a statement here slamming the BJP for installing its own people at Takht Hazoor Saheb, Nanded, and said “the sanctity of our shrines is more important to us than positions and alliances. If the BJP doesn’t stop interfering in gurdwaras, we will not hesitate in sacrificing our alliance.”The Akali Dal recently petitioned BJP chief against the inclusion of three central government nominees in the management of Patna Saheb Gurdwara.The BJP ally in Punjab is now agitating an amendment to the related laws in BJP-ruled Maharashtra, which seeks to instal a president at Takht Hazoor Saheb, Nanded.Sirsa cited the 1959 pact between Master Tara Singh and then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to say the agreement was that the Centre won’t interfere in Sikh religious affairs.“Sikhs across the world are agitated with this attempt of the BJP Government to capture our gurdwaras. We don’t want MP, MLA positions. We don’t want alliances. In the path of religious duty nothing matters more to us than our service to the Panth. We are constrained to warn the BJP against this interference,” Sirsa told The Tribune on Wednesday, aggravating BJP’s persisting ally troubles.

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