Pakistani Cops Apologise After Sikh was Fined For Not Wearing Helmet

The Pakistan traffic police authorities apologised to Sikh Community on Thursday morning for ‘mistakenly’ issuing a challan to a Sikh motorcyclist for not wearing a helmet in Peshawar. The Traffic police on Tuesday challaned a Sikh youth for driving a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.A spokesman of the Traffic Police told media that “a traffic Warden had challaned a Sikh youth by mistake. The Sikh community brought the issue to the notice of the authorities concerned. The authorities have tendered an apology to the Sikh community.”

Despite a notification that Sikhs are exempt from wearing a helmet while driving two wheelers, a Traffic Warden had challaned a Sikh for driving a motorcycle without wearing a helmet. in Dabgari area in Peshawar on Tuesday. A fine of Rs 100 was imposed on the Sikh driver Manmeet Singh.
Last year, Peshawar police exempted the Sikh Community from wearing helmets because of turbans. According to SSP Traffic Kashif Zulfiqar, the warden who issued the challan was not aware that Sikh community had been exempted from wearing helmets.
He further told that “As a precaution, a written directive will now be issued to all traffic wardens deployed in the city, cantonment and rural circles to avoid issuing challans to members of the community riding motorcycles in respect of their religious customs.”

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