Rakhi Sawant Condemns Assault on Deepak Kalal

Internet was equally shaken and equally proud when a video of comedian Deepak Kalal being beaten up surfaced on YouTube. A basic investigation by netizen revealed that Kalal was beaten up by rapper Fazilpuria’s manager and music producer Deepak Nandal.Now, Deepak’s friend, Rakhi Sawant has come out to support him and has condemned the act. For a change, the loud-mouthed reality TV star is making sense.Rakhi posted the video on her Instagram page, it seems. But is now only available to view on Telly Masala’s YouTube page. Rakhi agreed that Deepak has posted problematic videos on social media, but added, “But if you really think he has done something very wrong, then go the police, go to the court, take the legal route. Five men should not beat up a weak man,” .”Hardik Pandya also said some wrong things. Many men rape small girls. Were these people sleeping then?” she added. “If everyone wants to take law into their own hands, courts should be shut down”.Rakhi Sawant was majorly in news in 2018 for condemning Tanushree Dutta’s sexual harassment allegations on Nana Patekar. Apart from making headlines for saying that she is getting married to Kalal, which was obviously a publicity stunt. Seems like its new year, new Rakhi. It is good to see her make sense after a long time. But maybe a new publicity stunt is just around the corner.

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