Naga Sadhu VS Journalist

Ash-smeared and dreadlocked Naga sadhus or Hindu ascetics, except for rosary beads and garlands and smoking wooden pipes, are a huge draw at Hindu religious festival that began this week in India.At the Kumbh Mela, or “festival of the pot”, held this year in Prayagraj, in Uttar Pradesh, organisers expect up to 150 million people to bathe at the confluence of three holy rivers: the Ganges, the Yamuna and a mythical third river, the Saraswati.The festival is one of the only opportunities to see the reclusive Naga sadhus, some of whom live in caves after taking a vow of celibacy and renouncing worldly possessions.Their charge down to the waters to bathe at the opening of the Kumbh, many armed with tridents and swords, is one of the highlights of the festival.

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