What did BJP MP Kirron Kher find so funny?

When the BJP MP from Ranchi, Ram Tahal Choudhary was raising questions during Parliament proceedings on the issue of housing in Delhi, another MP from the same party, Kirron Kher, was seen vastly amused by something that appeared quite unrelated.Shared widely on social media, the video shows Kher giggling, gesturing to someone, talking to another member, and not concentrating on the proceedings at all.The video evoked hilarious responses, with many people relating Kher’s actions to backbenchers in classrooms.The social media is abuzz with a funny video of Kher from the Lok Sabha and has related her actions to an ‘accidental MP’ and classroom backbencher.
Kher was caught making funny faces, giggling and speaking with someone during the session and the video was widely circulated.

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