Meet Hindu Extremist who planned to Blow Babri Masjid

Watch Hindu Extremist Suresh Chandra Baghel is 50 years old now is being promoted by Hindus who tried to blow Babri Masjit. As a young man of 23, he had attempted to blow up the Babri Masjid by using dynamite in 1990.
Hailed as a “hero” of the Ram Mandir struggle by Hindu Extremists , Baghel, who these days pretends to lives life of seclusion as a sadhu, tending to cows in a Vrindavan gaushala, said he can still “kill and die” for his religion. On the anniversary of the masjid’s demolition, he told TOI that he doesn’t have any regrets but is happy now to tend to cows. “Aaj bhi koi dharam ki baat ayegi, toh hum ladne marne ko poore tarah tayyar hai.Baghel said that he is perhaps the first “Hindu terrorist”, declared so by the Mulayam Singh Yadav government. “Of course, I have no regrets. I will be happy to see the Ram mandir constructed now. I am proud of being part of a huge campaign then, which was a historic one.

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