1984 Sikh Genocide : Jagdish Tytler Admits Killing 100 Sikhs

Tytler has audaciously confessed to his crimes like a proclaimed offender. Mr. Tytler has expressed remorse for not being able to recover 150 crores cash from his friends, the said admission of Mr. Tytler prima facie points to his undeclared black money and undisclosed transactions. In clip 2, Mr. Tyler has stated that his son is in a company which has accounts in Swiss bank and Mr. Tytler also boasts about going to Rajya Sabha or being offered the Chief Minister-ship of Delhi.Tytler clearly says that he has killed 100s of Sikhs and he has lost faith in Mr. Manmohan Singh.Tytler boasts about being close with Judiciary and how he has got Justice Pathak and Mrs. Justice Pathak appointed to the Court. It is worth to be noticed that on 26.02.2010, Dlehi High Court had granted bail to Sajjan Kumar and other accused in one of the matters related to 1984 Anti Sikh Genocide. The order of the Delhi High Court was under a huge question mark since the very beginning and the present sting operation has given impetus to the suspicion.

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