Watch: Moving Car Catches Fire in Gurugram on Diwali

Gurugram, Nov 8, 2018 – The Panic was witnessed among the people when a running car caught fire on the road of Rajiv Chownk. According to the information , driver of the car jumped out of the car at once car caught fire. No one got injured in the incident whereas the running burning car had hit an autorickshaw standing at the side of the road. The passer-bys took to the safer side of the road on seeing the car on fire coming towards their vehicles. The reason of the fire could not be ascertained yet.According to India TV, the incident occurred while the car’s owner, Rakesh, was out to distribute Diwali gifts to friends and family.”I heard a weird sound in the car as soon as I started ascending the flyover, when I checked the source of the sound the car burst out in flames,” Rakesh said, as per the report, adding that he jumped out of the car after failing to brake.

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