Man bursts cracker in 3-years-old mouth

A three-year-old girl was left seriously injured and was battling for her life after a man allegedly put a ‘sutli bomb’ (a bomb, which is wrapped by jute twine and very popular during Diwali) in her mouth and lighted it.The bomb exploded inside her mouth as a result of which the little girl was left critically injured. The girl was rushed to a nearby medical facility where her condition is described as serious.Shashi Kumar, the girl’s father, in his complaint has named local youth Harpal, who went to his daughter who was playing outside their house and stuffed a ‘sutli bomb’ in her mouth and lit the fuse.The bomb exploded in the girl’s mouth, causing serious injuries. She has received 50 stitches and her throat has also been infected, further compounding her health condition.

Posted in: Punjab