Shocking: A Hindu priest caught on camera, harassing women inside a temple

A video has gone viral on social media in which a Hindu Priest can be seen harassing women inside a temple on the name of worship.
Notably, An increasing number of so-called “spiritual” gurus or “godmen” in India are implicated in ghastly crimes ranging from sexual abuse to murder.It is not uncommon for the sprawling network of godmen, gurus and swamis in the Hindu-majority country of more than a billion people to commit sexual crimes.Strangely, millions of Indians seem to be in thrall of these smooth-talking “godmen” who have built vast empires preying on their gullibility.Another self-styled spiritual godman, Asaram Bapu, was arrested in 2013 after a teenage girl accused him of rape. She claimed that the guru lured her by promising to cleanse her of evil spirits.It wasn’t the first time criminal charges were leveled against him. In 2008, two young boys died in his retreat in the western state of Gujarat. His trusted lieutenants, however, say all the charges against Bapu are fabrications.Mahendra Giri, 65, was also arrested in 2013 for illegally confining and repeatedly raping a 24-year-old woman at his ashram over four months. Apparently, the victim’s husband and mother-in-law were his accomplices. All three have now been imprisoned.

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