Mother refuses, mom-in-law donates kidney to woman

Going beyond the stereotype of rivalry between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law, a 60-year-old woman donated her kidney to her daughter-in-law, while the latter’s own mother refused to do so.Gani Devi (60), a resident of Gandhi Nagar in Barmer, gave her kidney to her daughter-in-law Sonika (32). Sonika’s kidneys were damaged and for last one year, she was living with the support of medication.When Sonika got her kidneys tested at Apollo Hospital in Delhi, the doctor said that both her kidneys have failed. Looking at her deteriorating health, doctors said that there were only two ways to ensure Sonika’s survival — either she be kept on dialysis or a kidney transplant be done.Since dialysis is not feasible on a long term, kidney transplant was the only option. Initially, Sonika’s mother Bhanwari Devi was contacted for donating her kidney, but she refused. After her brother and father also refused to give their kidney, her mother-in-law, Gani Devi agreed to donate her kidney and maintained that she considers Sonika as her daughter.

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