Australia Refused Citizenship to Hindustani Patel for stealing shoes

An Indian national has been denied Australian citizenship for hiding information about his past court convictions in his applications for permanent residency and citizenship.Identifying the man only with his last name, SBS reported that Patel, 35, did not disclose in his citizenship application that he was convicted for stealing a pair of shoes and possessing a credit card that was also apparently stolen.

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) found that Patel had knowingly hidden the court conviction when he had applied for permanent residency application in March 2010 and in his application for citizenship in July 2016. Although he was issued a permanent visa in 2015, the Immigration Department later got to know that he was convicted by a Sydney court in February 2010 on charges of “larceny and goods in personal custody suspected being stolen,” the report said, adding that it was for this reason that his citizenship application was rejected.

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