CRA scam investigation takes CBC News to India

An investigation into a Canada Revenue Agency scam took CBC News to India, as CBC Marketplace investigates one of the biggest cyber-crime schemes in Canadian history. You’ve probably got the call: An automated message threatens you with arrest over unpaid taxes. Call back and you’ll be further threatened by someone claiming to be an agent of Canada Revenue Agency.
They may demand as little as $700 — though some have handed over more than $100,000.
At least 60,000 Canadians have complained about being targeted by the phone scam over the past five years. More than $10 million dollars has been stolen in that same time period, making it one of the largest cyberscams in Canadian history.After weeks of investigating and cultivating sources inside the scam centres, CBC’s Marketplace tracked some of the calls to a nondescript, low-rise apartment building in one of Mumbai’s seedier neighbourhoods.
Source CBC News

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