Sajjan Kumar’s Bid to Bribe Witness Exposed

The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee has exposed a bid by Sajjan Kumar to bribe a witness against him in a case pertaining to 1984-Sikh genocide. It is learnt that a former Congress legislator named Jai Kishan from Sultanpuri acted as Sajjan Kumar’s representative in this bid to bribe the witness with Rupees One Million for stopping her from making statement in the Court. Further, the briber also threatened the witness of serious consequences if she doesn’t accept the bribe.It is pertinent to note here that the statement of witness Bibi Chaam Kaur was to be recorded by the Patiala House Court on September 20 in a case against Sajjan Kumar regarding the killing of innocent Sikhs in Sultanpuri constituency of Delhi in November, 1984. But her statement couldn’t be recorded as the concerned Judge was on leave. It has come to fore that a woman, close to Ex-Legislator Jai Kishan, approached the witness Chaam Kaur under the pretext of financially helping her for the marriage of her granddaughter. After collecting the Aadhar card and Identity Card of Chaam Kaur, the accused woman tried to convince her for not making statement against Sajjan Kumar in return of Rupees One million. On getting refusal from the witness, she even tried to pressurize her by saying that the Ex-legislator Jai Kishan was sitting outside in his car.

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