Shocking: US Traveller trapped, harrassed in Indian Hotel

Woman travellers in India are no longer safe with disgraceful incidents against foreign women visitors being reported from across the nation.Experiencing similar traumatizing incidents, where she was sexually harassed multiple times, is an American travel vlogger Jordan Taylor who goes by the name ‘Travellight’ on social media.Sharing her harrowing experiences of her recent visit to India, she recalls how she was held captive and sexually harassed at one of the famous OYO rooms in the national capital of India.“Men just randomly passing by reached out and grabbed me… they were touching me, groping me. This one guy kinda leaned in […] and he just said to me, ‘I want to f**k you’, right into my face, even with Livio right there,” recalls Jordan.
With men lurking near her room in Delhi’s Paharganj area, was terrified at the thought of opening the door when the staff knocked at her room asking her to open the door. Video: TravelLig/youtube

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