Es Video Bare Apne Wechar Deo

Few Days back, A video of heated arguments between Surrey Residents Vikram Bajwa and Punjabi students was viral on the WhatsApp, in which Vikram Bajwa can be seen sitting on the table with liquor and the students are arguing about it.

Now, During a press conference in India Vikram Bajwa leveled serious allegations on students Without any proof or fact.
Its pertinent to mention that Vikram Bajwa is president of the IOC (Indian Overseas Congress). Vikram Bajwa is the same man who was in News in 2012 when He approached at Sri Akal Takht Sahib and requested them to issue an ‘immediate hukumnama’ demanding all Sikh gurdwaras across the globe remove pro-Khalistan materials from their gurdwaras. In the Times of India article Bajwa goes on to say that the IOC was now taking this step as all other means have failed. No Gurdwara committee is willing to remove the material and politicians from the free world, like Canada and the US, find his request bizarre as it runs contradictory to the fundamental values of freedom.
Video Source – Gurpreet Singh Sahota

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