Audio of Kiran Bala and her Father in Law

Kiran Bala, an Indian Hindu woman, changed her name to Amna Bibi after embracing Islam and married a man based in Lahore on her own will

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has on Friday directed the interior ministry to look into the application of visa extension filed by Kiran Bala.

Kiran Bala, a Hindu pilgrim who came to Pakistan for Baisakhi Mela requested visa extension after she converted to Islam while she also married a local from Lahore. The 31-year-old, who changed her name to Amina Bibi, has filed a residency petition before the LHC.

Speaking on occassion, Kiran aka Amina Bibi said that she has willfully converted to Islam and married a local from Lahore, Muhammad Azam. She added that people of Pakistan has been “extremely supportive” and that she wants to stay in the country, and for that purpose, had requested visa extension.

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