Serious Allegations on Another AAP Leader

A group of AAP volunteers from Barnala today alleged that a Delhi leader, posted as party observer in Barnala, paid Rs 1 lakh to a woman raped by him.
The volunteers, led by Barnala youth wing president Ravinder Singh Dhillon, released an audio tape wherein a ticket aspirant from Barnala was trying to convince a woman not to press rape charges against the observer, Vijay Chauhan.
They alleged that Chauhan sexually exploited a maid servant, who later left the job. They said she recorded a conversation with a ticket aspirant who was funding Chauhan. The group alleged that party leaders, including Sanjay Singh, and Durgesh Pathak, knew about the scandal, but they suppressed the matter.
Sanjay Singh refuted the allegation saying he never heard about it. “Let me go through the tape. We will take strict action if there is concrete evidence,” he said.
Chauhan claimed that it was a conspiracy by disgruntled ticket aspirants. “The maid’s husband was employed at our party office. He later requested me to allow his wife to stay with him and I agreed since she was pregnant. It is shameful that the aspirants stooped so low for petty political gains,” he said.
video: ABP Sanjha

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