Journalists manhandled at Bhagwant Mann’s rally

Courtesy: Pehredar

Courtesy: Pehredar

AAP MP Bhagwant Mann on Thursday allegedly incited his party volunteers to throw journalists out of his rally for asking a question related to the sacking of a party minister in the wake of a sex CD.

According to reports, as soon as Mann asked the media to leave “or people will throw you out”, AAP volunteers tried to snatch cameras and also manhandled journalists, who had to run out of the venue for safety. Mann was addressing the rally in Bassi Pathana, Fatehgarh Sahib.

It started after Mann, who was over three hours late , went to the stage and, instead of answering media queries, shot back at journalists: “I request the media to leave the pandal and they can publish whatever they want!” Mann said he even knew what will be the headlines in the next day’s papers. “They will write, ‘Mann reaches rally venue three hours late’. And they will accuse me of insulting them,” he said. His entire speech, for about 20 minutes, was dedicated to bashing the media.

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